Myths About Lash Extensions

As your Las Vegas spa and nail salon, we at Aminah’s Organic Skin Spa are here to provide you with all of the organic products and services you could ever need to look your most beautiful. One service that we’re especially proud to offer is our Las Vegas lash extensions.

Lash extensions are an excellent way to give a person a thicker and fuller set of eyelashes, creating a stunning set of eyes with such a simple procedure. Unfortunately, though, many people avoid getting lash extensions because of the myths that they hear about them. We’d like to take the time to alleviate any anxieties you may have about lash extensions by squashing these myths.

Lash Extensions Will Hurt

Not true! In fact, there’s no pain involved in the lash extension process at all. While you may feel some anxiety, there won’t be any pain.

Lash Extensions Will Make Your Natural Eyelashes Smaller

Okay, so it may seem like it for many people who’ve had lash extensions, but it’s really just a case of perspective. After having longer, thicker eyelashes, many people mistake their natural eyelashes as being shorter or thinner afterward. In reality, they’re still the same size as they were before the lash extensions – they just seem shorter because you’re used to having longer eyelashes. When you get used to your lash extensions, you may believe that your natural lashes are smaller, but they’re still the same size that they always were.  You can help your natural lashes stay long and healthy by applying our vegan growth serum by Lash MD.

Your Eyelashes Won’t Grow Back

This is untrue. Your eyelashes will grow back just as they always do. This is why people with lash extensions need to get ‘fills.’ Fills are when a person gets new lash extensions that are applied to the eyelashes that have recently grown out and/or have fallen off.

Your Eyelashes Will Fall Out After Getting Lash Extensions

This is a myth, but there’s also truth to it as well. The truth is that while your eyelashes will fall out after getting lash extensions…they already fall out regardless. Eyelash shedding is a natural process that you probably don’t even notice because eyelashes are smaller. When they’re attached to a lash extension that’s longer and thicker, you’re much more likely to notice one when it falls out.

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