Men’s Treatments

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Over the years, there’s been an unfortunate stigma that spas and facials were really only suited for women. While women were receiving all of the benefits of facials and spa treatments, men have been discouraged from doing the same. Well, we at Aminah’s Organic Skin Spa are here to change all that. At our Las Vegas day spa, we frequently see men who’ve had their lives changed when they realized how much they loved being pampered. We hope you’ll stop by and try it for yourself…maybe it’ll change your life as well!

Why You Should Consider Our Las Vegas Men’s Facials

The facials that we provide at our Las Vegas day spa can benefit a man in the following ways:

  • Cleaner Skin – The steam and warm towels will open up your pores, making the elimination of blackheads or acne more comfortable. Because of testosterone, men’s skin produces more oil than women, meaning that it’s even more important for a guy to get a facial because they actually have more congested skin.
  • Smoother Skin – Due to shaving, men’s skin takes a beating on a frequent basis. Our facials with soothe the irritated skin and get rid of any dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother, less wrinkled, and easier to shave.
  • Muscle Toning – A good facial can even tone your facial muscles. This can give you more defined cheekbones, a less furrowed brow, and a more captivating smile.
  • Stress Melting – In addition to the skin benefits our Las Vegas facials will provide, the relaxing low lights, music, massage, and aromatic organic products will work to destress you.

Our Special Treatments Just for Men

To show how committed we are to building our list of male clientele, we’ve created a list of several special packages just for the guys out there! See which one fits you best – or try them all!

Papa’s Pamper Me Facial (Includes Brow Shaping)

If you’re looking to spoil yourself, try this package that includes a complete men’s facial and a brow waxing. We use Eminence Organic Skin Care for this treatment, guaranteeing that your skin will only be treated by the finest of products. This skin-revitalizing process will follow these steps:

– First, our trained esthetician massage a cleanser into your face, neck, and chest as all three areas typically see the sun and are prone to aging and sun spots.

– After that, we’ll analyze your skin under a magnifying lamp so that we can determine your skin conditions, skin type, and customize and organic facials and home treatments just for you.

– Next, we steam your face which loosens oil and clogged pores and encourages your skin to sweat out any impurities that are caught in the pores.

– We apply skin renewing peels and follow with the extraction phase of treatment where your esthetician will remove pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads that are softened and ready as not all are removed in one session.

– Next, we calm the skin by choosing custom organic masks and boosters.  You’ll receive a Hungarian massage of the face, neck and chest.  This non-surgical facelift will leave your skin lifted and you may notice a reduction in wrinkles.

– After that the mask is left on for about 5 minutes and covered with a steamed towel. Meanwhile, your esthetician will give you a Hungarian massage and stretching of the hands and arms.

– Finally, we’ll end your treatment with a spf moisture balm, organic lip protector & anti-wrinkle eye cream that will help give your skin the nutrition and protection it needs.

Papa’s Back Treatment

If your back is bumpy with breakouts and your muscles are feeling a little tight, you can unwind with our organic back facial. We use Eminence organic products to cleanse and soothe your back. We’ll cleanse, exfoliate, and use a custom organic mask during this relaxing treatment which includes a scalp and back massage.

Men’s Core Kit

If you like the soothing, moisturizing Eminence organic products that we use in our Las Vegas day spa, you can take some home by picking up the Men’s Core Kit. This kit includes organic cleansing and shaving gel, after-shave tonic, and a post-shave skin hydrator.

Contact Your Providers of Las Vegas Men’s Facials!

If you’re in search of a Las Vegas day spa, we welcome you to come to Aminah’s Organic Skin Spa. Please feel free to give us a call at (702) 816-5996 to schedule your appointment. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We’re looking forward to seeing you and treating you to a wonderful, new experience!