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Why Consumers are Demanding Organic Facials and Skincare Products

Thanks to sites like google and wikepedia consumers are becoming more and more aware of the dangerous chemicals in their skincare and cosmetic products.  The long term use of many of the popular skincare and cosmetics containing harsh chemicals and parabens are being linked to organ failure, hormonal imbalances and even cancer.  It is because of this heightened awareness and the discovery of the harmful links that many consumers are seeking safer and organic skincare and cosmetics.  That is why we at Aminah’s Organic Skin Spa use Eminence Organics Skincare for our facials, retail products and cosmetics line.  As owner of an Organic day spa and survivor of heavy metal poisoning, my homeopathic MD recommended I go organic after discovering the toxic levels of metals in my system.  He conveyed the toxins are everywhere including in our cosmetics, skincare, even our cooking wear, and water system.  My hormones and emotions crashed in 2011. After struggling with many mysterious symptoms like hair loss, numbness of the limbs, and severe pain and fatigue, all my lab results came back normal.  I knew something else had to be causing these symptoms because one does not go from feeling good to feeling that poor in a matter of months.  So finally my homeopath ran some heavy metal tests and we discovered the toxic levels in my system and the symptoms matched.  After my doctor told me to go organic as often as possible I decided to go Organic in my day spa because our skin is our largest organ and one of it’s primary functions is to absorb and filter what we put on it. If prescriptions like hydroquinone and high levels of spf can cause liver damage then what do ALL the other chemicals in our skincare and cosmetics do after years of use?  Well most consumers including myself don’t want to suffer with ailments linked with harsh chemicals.  We are taking a stand!  That is why a product line like Eminence Organics is so popular.  This Organic line is hand made since 1958 and does not use Harsh Chemicals, Parabens, is Cruelty free and has Vegan Friendly options. This product is safe yet very powerful and results oriented.  This is because Organic products have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals derived from organic fruits, seeds and hand harvested herbs.  Most of our clients including myself see and feel results from one treatment.  And then the organic beauty care continues at home with the hundreds of homecare products available for retail purchase.  If you are one of these savy consumers and have been looking for organic alternatives to your skincare regimen then consider calling Aminah’s Organic Skin Spa at (702) 816-5996.  For more information visit our website to learn more about our green products, philosophy, and why the products have attracted star clientelle like Madonna, Megan Fox and Jessica Beil and have even been featured at the Oscars for 7 years in a row!  Organic skincare and cosmetics is the wave of the future.  Consumers are demanding it and we are proudly part of this trend by offering organic services and products at our local Las Vegas day spa.