About Aminah’s Program

At Aminah’s Organic Spa, 2 time winner of The Best of Las Vegas, we hope to provide you with a moment of peace and relaxation with our comprehensive selection of skin spa services. We’re a Las Vegas organic skincare destination, offering Organic Hungarian facials, body treatments, airbrush tanning, aromatherapy, ionic foot detox baths, facial enhancements, and facial waxing. As your trusted Las Vegas skincare providers, we’re also proud to offer you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience when you visit our spa. We want you to see maximum results with your skin and enjoy your time with us.  To see optimal results, commitment to both coming in for our monthly facials and using our organic home-care products is necessary. After all, our premier program we offer, Aminah’s Program, was designed with the persistence of a personal trainer’s regimen in mind.

Weight Training for the Skin

The beauty of the program is that it’s developed in the same way as a personal trainer getting a client in shape. In this case though, instead of having a personal trainer, you’ll have our licensed estheticians. When you come into our Las Vegas Eminence spa, our estheticians will use professional strength peels, spices, and Hungarian massages to retrain your cells to produce healthier skin. However, just like with staying in shape, it requires a full-time commitment in order to produce results. When you go home, you’ll have to continue your ‘training regimen’ through the usage of our organic skincare products. If you work out with a trainer, but go home and eat pizza you may not see the best results.  Same with us.  If you receive our results oriented professional facials and go home and use over the counter products you may not see the best results.  We care about your results and want to see you achieve the healthiest skin possible; by not investing entirely into the system, you’ll miss out on all the benefits and results our program has to offer.

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We aim to be a relaxing retreat for customers in Las Vegas who are in search of skincare. If you’re looking for any of our skincare services, please feel free to contact us or book an appointment online. With the help of Eminence products, we’ve made it our goal to bring out both your inner and outer beauty. We are excited to help you out on the path to healthy and radiant skin!