Lash Extensions – How to Make Them Last

As your premier Las Vegas organic skin spa, we at Aminah’s Organic Skin Spa are incredibly proud of the excellent lash extensions that we provide. Having said that, our Las Vegas lash extensions can only provide their dazzling appeal as long as they stay on! Over time, lash extensions have the tendency to fall off. While this is normal, there are still several things that you can to do help make them last longer.

Choose Lighter Extensions

The first thing you need to know is that the thicker that your lash extensions are, the heavier they are and the more likely it will be that they droop or fall out. If you’re looking for long-lasting Las Vegas lash extensions, make sure you go to a lash artist that knows the technicalities of how much and how long of lashes they should put on based on your eye shape and size.  Often times newer lash artists want to make their customers happy and are quick to adhere to their request for fuller more dramatic lashes but don’t explain that if it’s too long for their eye shape and size it can cause drooping and early fallout. So listen to your lash artist advice and work together to come out with optimal results.

Sleep on Your Back

When you sleep on your stomach with your face pressed against your pillow, it’s likely that your lash extensions will fall out quicker. If you can, try to sleep on your back so that your lashes will remain untouched during the night.

Watch the Eye Cream

Continuing with the sleeping tips, you may want to rethink the way that you use your eye cream. Placing eye cream around your eye area can actually cause them to fall out prematurely. The oils from these heavy creams can sometimes break up the glue attaching the lash extensions, causing them to fall out. Try applying to corners and top lids and avoid areas near the lash line.  

Buy a Lash Care Tool Kit

When you use an eyelash care kit, the various tools will help groom and clean your lashes without pulling them out.  A lash bath is important too and may be done in the shower to remove build-up and oil and keep the area sanitary.  Further, lash baths such as our Organic Foam Wash keep allergens and irritants at bay. Eyelash extensions that are properly cared for with lash care kits and lash baths keep your eyelashes in place for a longer period of time. We recommend lash care once every morning and at night (gently cleanse, then brush them out, and last, style them while they are damp dry).

Be Gentle

Most importantly, just try to be gentle with your lash extensions. Try to avoid touching your eyes as much as you can and if you need to remove your eye makeup, use an oil-free makeup remover.

Visit Your Las Vegas Organic Skin Spa!

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